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Grid News

October 27, 2011
Grid software upgrade complete and testing has started.
We have completed upgrading our systems to new grid code. Testing of the upgraded grid software has started. Only a handful of regions will be online during the testing period.
October 26, 2011
Grid offline during upgrade to new grid software
The grid is offline as we are upgrading our systems to new grid software. We expect the grid to be online sometime tomorrow in a limited capacity for testing.
October 19, 2011
Preparations underway for move to new grid software
Since the last posted news item we have fixed the issue with duplicate top level inventory folders and started work on moving to the new grid software. The new grid software is unable to migrate all the data so we are having to migrate estate, group, and profile data manually. Once that migration process is complete we will begin testing the updated grid.
October 9, 2011
Problem with duplicate top level inventory folders
When the databases from Sim World were combined with ours, any avatar that existed in both grids wound up with their inventory from both grids and this resulted in duplicate top level folders for those avatars. Our testing has discovered problems affecting those avatars ability to access or use items located under one set of the top level folders. We are updating the inventory databases to remove duplicate top level folders while keeping all inventory and sub-folders.
October 7, 2011
Completed merge of the AH and SW databases
The two sets of Avatar Hangout and Sim-World databases have been merged in to one. We are using a limited version of the grid to check the combined data for any errors or issues that may have resulted from the merge process.
September 9, 2011
Sim-World databases were moved to AH prior to merging
The set of Sim World databases have been copied to our database server and imported. Now the real work begins. The Sim World databases need some restructuring to match the Avatar Hangout databases. Duplicate records in the SW databases need to be removed or updated to allow the two sets of databases to be merged in to a master set.This process has to be done carefully to avoid losing or corrupting data.
September 7, 2011
Merge of Avatar Hangout and Sim-World databases is underway
We have started the work required to merge the Avatar Hangout grid with the Sim-World grid. This is a complicated procedure that may take a few weeks to complete.
September 3, 2011
Avatar Hangout is merging with the Sim-World grid
The owners of the Sim World grid have been talking with us over the last few weeks about merging their grid with Avatar Hangout. Today we are formally announcing our intention to merge the two grids. The combined grid will be under the Avatar Hangout name.

There will be a lot of changes arising from the merger. There will be a larger resident population, more staff to handle the operation of the grid, better servers to run the grid, and we will also be upgrading the software used to run the grid.

Merging the data of the two grids is a complex operation that will take time and careful execution. Both grids will be offline for some time during the merge. The grid news and status pages will be updated as we move towards bringing the merged Avatar Hangout / Sim World grid back online.
July 27, 2011
Avatar Hangout is shutting down indefinitely (but not permanently)
After almost three years of continuous operation Avatar Hangout will be shutting down for an indefinite period of time. For a while now the the activity within the grid has gone down. There are fewer simultaneous logged in users and fewer land owners while the number of competing grids has gone up. We felt it was time to take the grid down for a while to review the situation and decide on our best course of action to take for the future of the grid. More information will be posted here when we have any new information on the future of this grid.

The owners and staff of Avatar Hangout thank all our users for your past support and appreciate your patience and co-operation during this transition period.
May 11, 2011
Simplified member signup and re-enabled creation of new avatars
Updates to the website required as a result of the recent grid software upgrade have been completed. The creation of new avatars via the "Create" button at the bottom of the Avatars List page of the website has been re-enabled. More importantly, the registration process for new members has been simplified. The validation e-mail message sent after a user has submitted the registration form no longer includes a copy of the users password. When a new member clicks the link in a validation e-mail message they are logged in to the website automatically and taken straight to the avatar creation page. Prior to this change, a new member would have to login to the site and click another link to get to the page where they would create an avatar after clicking the link in the e-mail message.
May 4, 2011
Fixed issues affecting users ability to login to the grid
Since the move to the latest grid software we noticed some problems logging in to the grid for the first time, or being able to log back in after logging out. A default region and fallback regions have now been set in the grid. Users should no longer have issues logging in to the grid whether they are logging in for the first time since the upgrade or logging in again.
April 27, 2011
The major upgrade to the grid software has been completed
We have just completed a major upgrade to the software used to run the Avatar Hangout grid. The grid is open for logins and all regions are online. Over the next few days additional tests will be performed to test for any problems arising from the upgrade.

Additional information will be added soon about the changes and improvements users can expect as the result of the upgrade.

NOTE: Registration of new users has been disabled temporarily while we update the registration procedure to be fully compatible with the new grid software.
April 25, 2011
Grid offline as of 3:30pm PT for server maintenance and major software upgrade
Our database server is reporting some heat problems believed to be due to a bad fan. The grid and website will be going offline around 3:30pm PT in order to fix the problem. The website should be back online by 4pm PT but the grid will stay down in order to perform a major upgrade to the software used to run the grid. The grid upgrade is expected to take anywhere from 2 to 3 days (or possibly longer) to complete. The grid status page will be updated as additional information is available on the progress of the grid software upgrade.

7:43pm update
The maintenance on our database server has been completed. The webserver is back online but the grid remains offline while we continue the work to upgrade the software used to run the grid.
April 24, 2011
Changes to mail system affecting delivery of new member validation messages
We discovered that some people who registered for membership with the website were not receiving the message that is sent out to validate the e-mail address. A change was made to the system that affected the sending of some mail sent by the mail server. Additional changes were made to the generation of the validation message that are expected to decrease the chances of the message from being classified as spam by the recipients mail provider.
April 15, 2011
Website now has information about VirWox OM$ accounts (for buyers/sellers).
All avatars wanting to buy items, sell items, or perform other transactions involving the transfer of the local currency (OM$) used in the Avatar Hangout grid need to have an account on the VirWox currency exchange.

See http://www.avatarhangout.com/economy/ for additional information about the local currency and how to sign up for a free VirWox account which will allow your avatar to send and receive OM$.
February 11, 2011
Estate owners can add last names to available selections for new avatars
Any active estate owner can add last names to the list of last names from which members may choose when creating a new avatar. Any names added by an estate will be available immediately. To add a last name, login to the website and select "Add a last name" located under "Avatars" in the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
January 26, 2011
Grid updated to allow use of Terragen format terrain files
All regions were restarted to complete installation of an update to the grid software which allows estate owners and managers to use Terragen format files in addition to raw files when uploading terrain data to a region. The terrain files load more reliably and with a much shorter delay between the completion of a terrain file upload and when the terrain is visible in-world.

The filename of a Terragen format terrain files must end in .ter for it to be recognized properly. Click the "Upload RAW terrain..." button in the viewer then select the terrain file to upload. The type of file being uploaded will be detected automatically.

Supported file formats for terrain files are: .r32 (RAW32), .f32 (RAW32), .ter (Terragen), .raw (LL/SL RAW), .jpg (JPEG), .jpeg (JPEG), .bmp (BMP), .png (PNG), .gif (GIF), .tif (TIFF), .tiff (TIFF)
January 20, 2011
Availability problems of in-world currency service has been improved
For some time we have been noticing some issues with the in-world currency system. The balance shown in the viewer would often show as $0 at login or after teleporting to a different region. Also, a dialog box in the viewer stating the currency service is not currently available was often seen, sometimes when trying to make a payment.

We have been discussing the issues with the OMC creators and obtained the latest 0.03.0002 version of the currency module. The new module has been installed grid wide and we are already seeing an improvement in the reliability of the service. The OM$ balance is no longer going to 0 each time a user teleports to a new region and the "service not available" dialog box has not been seen.

We will continue to monitor the operation of the in-world currency system and apply further module updates as needed. The one outstanding issue is the OM$ balance may go to 0 soon after you first log in to the grid. If you need to make a payment in the region where you first arrived, teleport to a different region then to the region you were previously in to update the balance shown in the viewer.

If you need in-world currency, create an account at the Virwox website then go to one of the in-world Virwox terminals (the big, blue, rotating V-shaped prims). You can find these terminals in a tent near the center of Shopping Center, inside the building in the northwest part of AH Financial, or in the bank building just west of the main landing area in Downtown.
December 8, 2010
The Avatar Hangout website has been updated
Some work was being done on the Avatar Hangout website today. Some content was added and some minor changes were made to the menus shown on the left-hand side of the page to improve site navigation.
November 19, 2010
The currency module has been updated
The grid is now using version 0.02.0002 of the currency module.