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Avatar Hangout is a FREE online 3D virtual world community, where you can interact with friends from all over the world.

AH offers the backdrop to your virtual life. From role playing to virtual business. Have your own beachfront home, or your own skyscraper office building. Build it yourself, or hire residents to help you. You can even sell your creations to other residents!

GRID IS OFFLINE - Avatar Hangout is merging with Sim World
The Avatar Hangout grid is coming back online! The grid is offline while we merge with the Sim World grid. The end result of the merge will be a larger resident population, more staff to manage the grid, better servers used to run the grid, and an update (or change) in the software used to run the grid.

The owners and staff of Avatar Hangout thank all our users for your past support and appreciate your patience and co-operation during this transition period.

We will update the news page periodically as the work required to merge the grids progresses.